OEM hot-selling tourmaline hair straightener, hairpin, rapid heating evaluation, LCD digital display, adjustable temperature, exportable

2020-10-15 16:50:18 fandoukeji

OEM hot-selling tourmaline hair straightener, hairpin, rapid heating evaluation, LCD digital display, adjustable temperature, exportable

Product Category: Hair Straightener

Certificate type: CQC, ce, ROHS, CE/ROHS/GSAA/CETL/PSEASO

Temperature control adjustment: 15 steps

Color: any color or surface treatment

Applicable hair: dry hair

Heat conductor material: tourmaline ceramic

Diameter of heat conductor: 16MM-20MM

Modeling time: less than 1 minute

Brand: OEM

Number of segments: 10 segments

After-sales service: nationwide warranty

Foreign trade: Yes (This product is for foreign trade only and may not meet the domestic product standards. Domestic buyers are advised to purchase with caution.)

3/4 inch 19mm hair straightener heating and fast temperature adjustable LCD digital display global voltage OEM OEM export Product parameters

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We can do any Pantone color and different surface treatments, injection molding / varnish spray / water transfer / small flash silver / water transfer, and can produce products that meet the corresponding specifications according to the certification and safety regulations of various countries

Product description 1. MCH heating element, heating up to 200 degrees within 40 seconds. 2. Teflon aluminum plate, shaping particularly smooth straight hair. Release negative ions, protect the hair. 3. LCD display temperature and logo, know the current temperature of the aluminum plate at any time .4. Adjustable temperature, 0-230C or 140-450F, a total of 15 gears, suitable for a variety of different hair quality people, the temperature change of each gear can be adjusted according to customer needs. If you are not sure which temperature Suitable for you, you can start with 120-150C (200F-300F) for thin and soft hair, 150-190C (300-375F) for normal hair, 190-210C (375F-410F) for hard hair, special hair It is hard and suitable for 210-230C (410F-450F). 5. Striped heat insulation head, convenient for two-hand operation, hands are not hot. 6. Body lock, quickly locks the aluminum plate, convenient and fast storage, and effectively prevents accidental damage. 7.1 Automatic shutdown within hours (the timing shutdown time can be set according to customer requirements), safe and worry-free. 8. Ergonomic product appearance settings. 9. Appearance color, surface treatment, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements. 10.360-degree rotating power cord, 2.8 M long, plugs can be configured according to different countries. 11. A series of certificates such as CE/ROHS/GSAA/CETL/PSE meet the safety regulations of various countries. 12. Global universal dual voltage 110-240V, 50/60Hz. Product certificates can be based on customers It is required to arrange various safety certifications, including 3C/CE/ROHS/GS/CBAA/CETL/PSE, etc., so that customers can legally sell various products in most countries around the world.

Product packaging can be made in various box types according to customer requirements, such as hand-made boxes/world boxes/drawable boxes/top and bottom buckles/cylindrical boxes, etc. It can be used as flocking plastic/PVC plastic/paper card inner support.